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Door open mode only i'm afraid,thanks to jafc for the classic.Runs best in 9.4.All shortcuts as usual.

03 Aug 2013 - Fruit Cracker Wdx

 Heres a wdx of the pcp fruit cracker,i love this little game it's so basic yet alot goes on with the fruit match feature and gambles a plenty.Borgred over at the mecca had this machine so asked for some photo's so i could make a larger dx,he sent me loads,then continued to grab whatever p

29 Jul 2013 - Dynamite

Here is Dynamite by Bellfruit. Set on 25p Play £15 Jackpot 92%

Thanks got to the rom provider, Tommy C for playtesting and hitthesix for playtesting and advice.
Shotrcuts are:
£ - 0
Start - Space
Holds - 123
Collect - C
Cancel - `

02 Jul 2013 - Hollywood

Welcome to Hollywood by Bellfruit set on 25p Play £15 Jackpot 92%
This is a clone of Stag Night
Thanks go to Spa for the picture and thanks again to the playtesters Tommy C, Daryl and Ady
This will only play in MFME 9.4 or it will give payunit errors
Here we have my 25th layout to date and its a favourite of mine Vivid's Rat Pack set on £25 84%,
 Firstly i,d like to thank Johnny Afc for his classic from which i used the lamping positions and reel symbols of which i changes the red boxes to the correct pink ones according to the flyer

19 Jun 2013 - Hi-Lo Karate 1024Wdx

Here,s my wdx version of vivids hi lo karate. THIS PLAYS IN MFME10.1 ONLY!!!!
 Thanks to tibby for the reels and crazybar for his original 1600dx layout from which i used the correct lamping numbers and reel symbols. this plays good although some of the detail is a bit hard to read due to resul
Here's my updated version of club cops n robbers, got everything how it should be i think,have added a yellow stroke etc to the reel symbols like the real machine has.Please note this may be a bit dark on some monitors,which i appologise in advance,new tft so first layout on it.This has been bu

03 Jun 2013 - Searchlight 1024Wdx

Here we have an updated version of Searchlight by Maygay set on £6jackpot,
I want to thank guitar for his original layout for which i used the lamping positions and a massive thanks to mavroz for scanning me his sudden impact reel bands
here we have red hot roll using bwb,s roms kindly given to me by Ploggy originally set on 5p play into a blank layout but changed to 10p by hitthesix,
a few minor issues with this they are, the win bank flashes quite a bit and a few red rolls appear 'jumpy' but only in attract mode.

24 Apr 2013 - Motorway Mania Classic

Here is  Motorway Mania a collaboration between BFM + Whitbread
Set on 20p £10 Jackpot I have tried to keep it to the original machine were possible.

Thanks go to the rom provider, Ploggy (I think it was) who found the sounds and hitthesix. Thanks also go the the playtesters hi
Thanks to crazysquid for the resources, and to launton for dumping the roms.

 and thanks to the pre release testers  dad, daryl, superbank, tommy.c

set on 10p with the jackpot @ £5

this will ONLY run in mfme 9.4

as other emus give errors

16 Apr 2013 - Caribbean Cash Wdx

Well managed to get this finished a wdx of a qps machine,pretty decent with some quirky sounds,hope everythings fine with it.Thanks to ross for the flyer scan he sent me and to spa for the classic,play in mfme 9.4 for best speed all shotrcuts are as normal.

05 Apr 2013 - Hey Presto

This is Hey Presto by bellfruit and it is set on 10p play £4.00 Jackpot.

This is my first scorpion 2 layout.

Thanks go to Hitthesix for the started layout and also for ALL the help he gave me to get this completed for everyone to enjoy. Also thanks to the members on the mecca

24 Mar 2013 - Spellbound classic

Thanks to ploggy for the upload ( around 4 years ago) and for better reel images.

thanks also to the playtesters, b.j, daryll, niall quinn, and superbank

this was in the " obscure machines"  folder

set on 20p /£6 tokens

it's one

17 Mar 2013 - Cash Wise 1024dx

I forgot to add this on here at the beginning on the month so Here we have bellfruits Cash Wise for Mfme. i give thanks to bugs and trouty for the original bfm emulator version which i got converted many months ago, thanks to Tommy C for kindly giving me the chance to get one of my favourite 90'
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